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Let's get to know each other....

Hello! I'm Alexandra. Thanks for stopping by. I've been an early childhood teacher for over 20 years. When I had my two young babes, I could instantly see that there was a need for flexible, quality and trusted child care in major shopping centres.

Ever tried to wrangle a grizzly toddler into a shopping trolley or squeeze a pram into a change room, only to have to abandon your shopping mission due to sleep time, tears, grizzles, feeding time, sticky hands or a nappy explosion? Well I have! And all too often. So I decided to launch The Creche- to help other parents who need to visit shopping centres without the constraints of childcare. And without the guilt of leaving your child at home with a babysitter.

I have used my experience as an early childhood educator and as a Mum to handpick the very best, caring and passionate staff to join our team at The Creche. My experience as an early childhood educator has allowed me to tailor make a program, bursting with hands on, age appropriate activities for the littles so you can relax, knowing that your babe is engaged, stimulated and having fun while you get things done.

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